The "M" in STEM stands for Mathematics. For a lot of people, Mathematics is a scary topic and viewed as extremely difficult. It is important to establish a love and understanding for Math early and work to build children's confidence in the subject. Math is all around us, and even if people do no realize that they are doing it, they use math all day every day. It shows up in art with the proportions used in portraits, it shows up in the medicines that they take, it shows up while driving around town, and it shows up whenever we talk about history. We start young in the hopes of preparing kids to appreciate the beauty of Mathematics when they are older.

Sample Activities to Integrate STEM in the Learning Process:

As mentioned on the Science page, we will be exploring how we will touch on all the parts of STEM in our two example projects to give you an idea of how our kids will be learning. Refer to the respective pages to see how we touch on that topic during our lessons for these activities. 

For our parachutes activity, kids will be able to observe how heavy weights can impact the effectiveness of our parachutes and aiming for a landing zone. Our older children will be able to measure hang time of their design, collect data from the rest of the class, and analyze if there is a correlation between weight, speed of descent, and how much distance there was between their parachute and the target provided.

Meanwhile, with the catapult activity, our kids can experiment how much force or energy they must apply to pull back our catapult to reach the target distance that they want their object to travel. Our older kids will be tasked with monitoring the angle they launched and the trajectory that that will cause their object to travel along while checking how accurate they were able to be with their objects..