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STEM Academy

STEM Academy for Young Kids is an Early Childhood Care and Enrichment Center for children six weeks to 13 years old, offering Full Time, Part Time, and Before and After Care. We offer the most effective educational opportunities for young minds to help prepare them for advanced classes in school, while empowering them to enjoy physical and hands-on activities. We have the best resources and teachers to give children an incredibly useful and well-rounded education.

We strongly believe the young brain is like a sponge with the ability to retain information longer and connect better with visual and hands-on learning. STEM exists in every step of life and discovering STEM at an early age enhances curiosity, creativity and motivation in young learners. We believe exposing children to different learning platform enhances interest in their minds and helps parents to decide where to help their child to pursue further in enhancement of skills. Our curriculum provides the learning opportunities in various areas besides academics such as art, chess, soccer, dance, music, yoga. One of such example is that introducing chess to such early age helps our students to improve their focus and strategic thinking.

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